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.::.Who knew.::.
Promises, promises
He never did keep
And his constant nagging did cause a retreat
I must rethink my heart
And reset my mind
I've seen through the facade to which before I was blind
And now in the darkness by my window sill
I shiver as the wind and and your voice bring a chill
  [And realize the thought of loving you makes me ill]
Yet here I am, loyally, at your side still
If you hurt me again, it's the last time, I swear
Next time your glance to your side I'll no longer be there
Though I doubt you will notice, I doubt you will care
There are others to love
There are places to go
There are people, perhaps
To help me become whole
So if this is goodbye, then next time that we meet
I'll walk past without a word and my eyes at my feet
And possibly then you may finally regret
Not believing my words when I said
:iconpadfoot369:padfoot369 1 12
Chinchilla by padfoot369 Chinchilla :iconpadfoot369:padfoot369 0 12 Strawberry Gashes by padfoot369 Strawberry Gashes :iconpadfoot369:padfoot369 1 10 Geisha by padfoot369 Geisha :iconpadfoot369:padfoot369 1 14 .:For you:. by padfoot369 .:For you:. :iconpadfoot369:padfoot369 0 9
I never thought
     (No, of course not)
That I would see that...
You know, the one that isn't faking it.
It puts all those years of practice to shame.
I never believed
     (It was too painful to try)
That I would find my...
The thing to make it all worth the struggle.
It's what leaves you wondering how you ever existed without it for so long.
I never wondered
     (It just never crossed my mind)
How life would have been had I just...
All That wasted time that could have been better.
I was so naive, so wrong.
I never found
     (Or more, I never looked)
A reason to continue this...
A mascarade is always fun.
Let's pretend everything is alright, no one will know the difference.
I never realized
     (No, it was denial)
How much I...
Let's keep it all inside,
Or you show me your scars and I'll show you mine.
I never loved
     (Love was fo
:iconpadfoot369:padfoot369 0 14
Why can't I? by padfoot369 Why can't I? :iconpadfoot369:padfoot369 0 11 L-I-O-N by padfoot369 L-I-O-N :iconpadfoot369:padfoot369 1 15 I Am Finished with You. by padfoot369 I Am Finished with You. :iconpadfoot369:padfoot369 0 21 All for an Empty Hotel by padfoot369 All for an Empty Hotel :iconpadfoot369:padfoot369 1 18 Falling from grace by padfoot369 Falling from grace :iconpadfoot369:padfoot369 0 10 Dreaming about falling by padfoot369
Mature content
Dreaming about falling :iconpadfoot369:padfoot369 0 8
.::To Dream::. by padfoot369
Mature content
.::To Dream::. :iconpadfoot369:padfoot369 1 14
.::Messages in the Clouds::. by padfoot369 .::Messages in the Clouds::. :iconpadfoot369:padfoot369 0 11
I had a dream that I didn't wake up
   Stars and wishes collided head on
Making beautiful flashes of light in the sky...
It was nothing compared to my reality with you.
There were trees taller than skyscrapers
Rivers that reflected the sunlight perfectly
I believe I thought of you...
                  and how it used to be.
I started to miss you
    I called out your name
It echoed like thunder through the trees
But you didn't answer...
You never do.
Then everything went dark
   It started to rain
Refreshing tears from the sky
   I wanted to cry as well/
                               {Maybe just to
:iconpadfoot369:padfoot369 2 13
Squee:exclamationpoint: by padfoot369 Squee:exclamationpoint: :iconpadfoot369:padfoot369 2 17

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.::A Cup Of Tea::. by Rimfrost .::A Cup Of Tea::. :iconrimfrost:Rimfrost 2,926 540
Mature content
flawless romance :iconweltedbrail:weltedbrail 1 12
Fade by Mr-Moonlight Fade :iconmr-moonlight:Mr-Moonlight 11 54
Realistic Surrealism
Dear sweet world of dreams,
Why have you forsaken me,
Bottled up my past in thee,
So I'd wake up, feeling empty;
What happened to the days,
When your symbols were kind,
Meaning I would never die,
Even if she would try;
It was nice back then,
When my deep sleep meant no worry,
Because the world I'd created
Had no ocean of tears;
No silent symphony,
No more stupid fears,
Like that of imperfection,
A created idealism;
What happened to your helping me,
When the waking world was unkind,
Just overlooking everything
That caused me pain inside;
Could he have meant so much to me
That you can't even bear,
Oh, my sweet dream world,
You danced when he was there.
:iconcoldestofflames:coldestofflames 2 6
Mighty Spider - Comic by DolphyDolphiana Mighty Spider - Comic :icondolphydolphiana:DolphyDolphiana 1,185 305 Canary by Sewers522 Canary :iconsewers522:Sewers522 2 2 Highly edited Squee... by Sewers522 Highly edited Squee... :iconsewers522:Sewers522 1 6
Seven Deadly Sins
The Seven Deadly Sins
You notice nothing, where only the best matters
Watch as your life swings past you, laugh as it scatters
Notice no beauty in anything, only your own greed
For you will slip into hell, where all of your kind will bleed
You always want more, money is all you are
All the times you fight for fame, your just adding another scar
Like humans are here, just to tend to your every need
For you will slip into hell, where all of your kind will bleed
Constantly see others better, no more then Perverted Love
Like your waiting to die, like they will let you above
Like your forever waiting, you'll never precede
For you will slip into hell, where all of your kind will bleed
Living insane, unable to reason and smile
You think physical abuse is needed, you think its worthwhile
You see humans as nothing, only to mislead
For you will slip into hell, where all of your kind will bleed
:icongreyhawk12345:GreyHawk12345 775 99
You make me laugh, you make me cry,
It all depends on the mood you are in,
It gets so bad I want to die,
I love you, but I just can't win.
There's been good times, and there's been bad,
Sometimes you're happy, and sometimes you're not,
Your fickle temper drives me mad,
But I love you, you're all I've got.
Please, will you just make up your mind?
Do you love me, or do you despise me?
Is it so hard to just be kind?
I love you, can you not see?
I need you, but it's just too tough,
My tolerance has reached its border line,
I can't take it, I've had enough,
I love you, no, I'm not fine.
:iconrenegade-cavalcade:Renegade-Cavalcade 2 21
015 Without You by azuzephre 015 Without You :iconazuzephre:azuzephre 2,466 218
You Fell For The Girl
She's sitting in the corner on the floor
She can't hide the tears in her eyes anymore
And still you deny them, and tell others your lies:
"She's not crying, she just has sparkling eyes."
She laughs, attempting to cover her wrists,
People catch a glimpse, wonder why so many cuts exist.
You imagine a perfect home, with a new kitten.
The same fake home she wished she lived in.
Welcome to the real world:
You fell in love with the girl
Who's falling apart.
Still, she stole your heart.
Welcome to reality:
She's the only one you see,
And still she's the one who's broken inside
Her body's still alive, but her soul's already died.
You fell in love with the girl
Who's falling apart.
She wants to pretend that everything's okay
So she smiles and laughs, no one knows she's a fake
And that's the way you'd rather leave it be
Let her appear perfect, when it's already what you see.
Last night she wanted to try a new kind of game-
Last night she played a game, and suicide's its name.
She took a few too
:iconsquirreleater:squirreleater 98 80
I don't care how exasperating you are,
I don't care how much you get on my nerves.
I care about always treating you the same.
Love is always patient.
I don't care how you treat me,
I don't care if you're mean to me.
I care about how I am to you.
Love is always kind.
I don't care if you're with someone else,
I don't care if your best friend isn't me.
I care about your happiness.
Love is never jealous.
I don't care if you love me or not,
I don't care if my love is never returned.
I care about your well-being.
Love does not seek its own.
I don't care if you tease me,
I don't care if you won't let me forget my mistakes.
I care about forgetting yours.
Love does not take offense.
I don't care about how I've been wronged,
I don't care about what you've done to me.
I care about what you've done for me.
Love does not store up grieviances.
I don't care about reputations,
I don't care about who you're said to be.
:iconmacilwen:Macilwen 20 24


My reflection isn't me... by Rimfrost My reflection isn't me... :iconrimfrost:Rimfrost 4,763 892 i'm not fast but i'm good by suzi9mm i'm not fast but i'm good :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 444 232 Gloria by xiaomeimei Gloria :iconxiaomeimei:xiaomeimei 232 163 inhabited by a cry by lostgirl inhabited by a cry :iconlostgirl:lostgirl 2,489 535


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Sometimes love hurts, and I love you a lot.

Something is happening and I need a place to type my thoughts out so that I might be able to look at them and make some sense.

The love of my life has asked me to move to Texas with him. Oh yes, I want to go. I want to go and live with him and be completely emotionally fulfilled for possibly the first time in my life. I would love to stay with him, spend every morning waking next to him...  


Texas is a long way away. I've never lived more than 20 minutes away from my mother... and I love her so much. Staying in Florida would keep me financially secure but I would be emotionally devastated. I have a completely new and paid off car here that would be given to me eventually when my grandfather decided I have enough experience.

I would be unhappy staying. I would be unhappy leaving. The are both different types of unhappy... but they are both unhappy.

I've decided to go. I just hope it is the right thing to do. My heart doesn't want to live without out him.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

I can keep rhythm with no metronome
No metronome
No metronome


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And they laugh in a language I don't u n d e r s t a n d.


is your favourite delusion
United States
Current Residence: The seventh level of Hell.
Favourite genre of music: Must I stereotype my music?
Favourite photographer: SRP
Favourite style of art: Poetry
Operating System: Windows 8


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